With the assurance of 20+ years’ experience, paired with a passion for creating the most beautiful of talons, let us transform your nails into a work of art. We specialise in a diverse array of nail extension techniques, ensuring your hands exude glamour and sophistication.

Dive into the classic allure of acrylic extensions, renowned for their durability and versatility, allowing you to express your unique style with a spectrum of colours and designs. Alternatively, experience the sleek and glossy finish of gel extensions, providing a lightweight yet resilient solution for impeccable nails that captivate attention. For those who seek innovation, our dipping system offers a revolutionary approach, creating a flawless, durable coating that enhances the natural beauty of your nails. Step into the future of nail extensions with Polybond, a cutting-edge method that combines strength and flexibility, ensuring your nails withstand the test of time while maintaining a natural feel. Explore the sleek and streamlined elegance of Pro-Press, a technique that delivers instant, salon-perfect nails with minimal fuss. Indulge in the trendsetting beauty of BIAB (Builder in a Bottle), a technique that combines strength and style for a perfect, natural-looking extension.

At our salon, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive selection of nail extension services, each tailored to elevate your hands to the epitome of chic elegance. Let our skilled nail technicians guide you through a personalised journey of nail enhancement, where artistry and innovation converge to create stunning, enduring results.

Vegan and HEMA-free nail products available – see below for more information.

£40   Full set with gel polish
£30   Infills
£25   Infills (no colour)
£35   Pro-Press full set
£35   Natural overlays (hands or feet)
£40   Polybond full set
£45   Ombre full set
£55   Sculpted full set
£40   Sculpted infills
From £50   Extra long extensions full set
From £40   Extra long extension infills
£40   Toe extensions
£30   Toe infills
£5     Big toe nail extension
£4     Repairs and replacements
£15   Removing extensions
£5     Removals before a new set
£5     French
From £1.50-15   Nail art


Here at POLISHED, we are proud to offer a range of vegan and HEMA-free nail products that cater to the needs and values of conscious clientele. Our commitment to ethical and eco-friendly beauty means that you can enjoy stunning, long-lasting nail treatments without compromising on your principles.

Our vegan products are cruelty-free and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients, ensuring a clean conscience with every manicure. Additionally, our HEMA-free options provide a safer alternative for those with allergies or sensitivities.

Enjoy beautiful, guilt-free nails with our selection of vegan and HEMA-free nail products that prioritise your well-being and the environment.